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Newspaper subscription service for the period 1 Sept 2014 - 30 June 2015

Once again, the Staff Association is offering colleagues newspaper subscription service for the period 1 Sept 2014 – 30 June 2015. The following newspapers will be available for subscription:

- Hong Kong Economic Times

- Ming Pao


(Sing Tao will no longer offer their delivery and service to the campus)


If you are interested in subscribing for the HKET, Ming Pao or SCMP, please complete and return the Subscription Form with your cheque payment via internal mail to Staff Association by 27 August 2014 (Wednesday).


Details of the services are as follows:



1 September 2014 to 30 June 2015 (Every weekday except public holidays; a total of 203 working weekdays)


a) Chinese Newspaper (HKET and Ming Pao)

      HK$3.0 per copy X 203 days    =  $609

b) English Newspaper (SCMP)

      HK$4 per copy X 203 days     =  $812

c) Administration Fee

        -     HK$30 for non-Staff Association Members.

        -     Please note that subscriptions by departments/offices shall pay non-member rates.

        -     No administration fee for SA Members.

        -     Non-members are welcome to join SA as members to enjoy this service and other members' benefits. Our annual membership fee is HK$30. Please send your Membership Application Form together with your Subscription Form and cheque.

        -     SA Membership Application Form can be downloaded from:


Pick-up or Delivery:

a) Self Pick-up

        -     You can pick up the newspaper at a location to be announced later at no extra cost.

b) Extra delivery services to departmental general office or on-campus staff quarters can be arranged as follows:

        -  HK$1.5 per copy per day

        -  Newspapers will be delivered before 3:00 p.m. on delivery day.



Subscriptions are to be paid in advance for the entire period of 203 days. Please send a crossed check payable to "HKUST Staff Association" to Staff Association by internal mail together with a completed Subscription Form. Payment is due by 27 August 2014 (Wednesday).


For further enquiries, please email to



一如往年,本會為同事提供報紙訂閱服務, 訂閱期為201491日至2015630日,有以下報章可供訂閱:

  • 香港經濟日報
  • 明報
  • 南華早報



如果你有興趣訂閱香港經濟日報,明報和南華早報,請填妥以下訂閱表格 並將訂閱表格連同劃線支票 (收款人: 香港科技大學教職員協會,在支票背面寫下你的全名,部門和聯繫電話),以校內郵遞寄交香港科技大學教職員協會。

截止日期: 2014827日(星期三)








         每份每天港幣 $3 x 203 = 609


         每天港幣 $4 x 203 = 812



         - 非科大教職員協會會員港幣30元。

         - 請注意: 辦公室或部門訂閱應支付非會員價。

         - 科大教職員協會會員 免行政費。


- 非會員: 歡迎加入科大教職員協會成為會員,以享受這項服務和其他會員福利。會員年費為港幣30元。請把訂閱表格和會員申請表連同劃線支票 (收款人: 香港科技大學教職員協會) ,以校內郵遞寄交香港科技大學教職員協會。






         - 你可以自行取報(如此則無需支付額外費用), 取報位置容後公佈。

二)報紙也可直接送到各部門辦公室或校內教職員宿舍, 但要支付額外費用:

         - 每份每天港幣1.5

         - 報紙會每天下午3:00前送達。



請一次過支付203天訂閱費用。請將填妥的訂閱表連同劃線支票 (收款人: 香港科技大學教職員協會) ,以校內郵遞寄交香港科技大學教職員協會。截止日期: 2014827日(星期三)。