Special Offers

HKUST Staff Association --- Special Offers Listing


1. The HKUST Staff Association will not be held responsible for damages that may be associated with the offers below. Staff members who are interested in the offers should make their own judgment.

2. The table below shows corporate offers for staff members of HKUST unless otherwise specified.

Description Exclusively to HKUST SA Members From To
Seasonal Offers
Nest 1964 Mid-Autumn Festival Offer 盞記中秋優惠   Now 18 Sep 2018
DCH Food Mart Mooncake Offer 大昌食品月餅優惠   Now 9 Sep 2018
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Mooncake Offer 雪糕月餅優惠   Now 19 Sep 2018
HelpMeSee Hong Kong (Charity/Social Enterprise) Mooncake Offer 月餅優惠   Now 29 Sep 2018
Regal Airport Hotel Mooncake Offer 機場富豪酒店月餅優惠   Now 22 Aug 2018
Starbucks Mooncake Offer 月餅優惠   Now 21 Aug 2018
Tai Hing Mooncake Offer 太興月餅優惠   Now 31 Aug 2018
Wing Wah Mooncake Offer 榮華月餅優惠   Now N/A
Caltex discount card   Now 31 Dec 2018
American Express   NOW 31 Dec 2018
BOCI   NOW Not specified
Citi Bank   NOW Not specified
BP International   1 Nov 2018 15 Dec 2018
Modern China Restaurant  金滿庭   NOW 31 Dec 2018
Japanese Cuisine Rengatei 煉瓦亭   NOW Not specified
Tze yuet Heen, Kowloon East, Crown Plaze 紫粵軒,九龍東皇冠假日酒店   NOW 31 Aug 2018
Electronic Products
Asian Technology   Now N/A
大囍慶專門店   1 Sep 2018 31 Dec 2018
Tim Kee Special Offer 添記優惠   Now N/A
Golden Bird 金飛燕批發   NOW Not specified
Simply Grace Hong Kong Limited 昊恩香港有限公司   NOW 31 Aug 2018
Blackmores   NOW Not specified
Fresh Organic   NOW 31 Oct 2018
Schmidt BioMedTech (HK) Ltd 興華醫療科儀(香港)有限公司   NOW 31 Dec 2018

Bayley & Jackson Dental Plan

Dental plan for SA members and their family members (e.g. parents & siblings)

** For any treatment other than scaling and polishing, please CHECK with dentist whether covered by dental plan or not.**

1 July 2018

30 June 2019

Lifestyle and Commodities
Dah Chong Hong Monthly Offers 大昌每月優惠   NOW 9 Sep 20198
Asian Technology (HK) Limited   NOW Not specified
A-Fontane     NOW Not specified
Transformer Folding Bikes 變型金鋼行政級折叠車   NOW Not specified
Professional Teachers' Union 香港教育專業人員協會 (教協)

Steam Care 蒸氣寶   NOW Not specified
PCCW Limited TV offer   NOW
Now TV offer   NOW Not specified

Commercial Press

- 10% discount on all items except special offers
- discounts available at UST as well as off-campus branches

  NOW Not specified
中國移動   NOW Not specified
HKT   NOW Not specified
CSL   NOW 10 Oct 2018
HKBN   NOW Not specified
Multi-Byte   NOW Not specified
BornTea 茶活
Hong Kong Disneyland

MaHA 語蜜工房  

Offers given by the social enterprises 社會企業優惠

Farmhouse CoCo 芸芸農舍

  1) Monthly Subscription to Freshly Harvested Vegetables 即摘新鮮有機菜月訂計劃 

  2) Organic Potato & Sweet Potato Festival 蕃薯薯仔節

  3) Tailor-made Guided Tours 度身訂造的導賞行程

Soup-Origin 原作家湯