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2016/17年度 科大教職員協會獎學金及獎項

HKUST Staff Association Scholarships & Awards 2016/17

(English version is available below)


2016/17年度 科大教職員協會”獎學金”及”獎項"

和去年一樣,本會除了繼續提供獎學金 (Scholarship)外,我們仍繼續提供獎項(Award)給合資格的會員申請,詳情和資格如下:

(1) 獎學金 (Scholarships): 

  • 就讀於香港科技大學的新的或在學的有效註冊的全日制本科生; 
  • 香港科技大學的全職工作人員科大教職員協會會員的子女;和 
  • 學歷要求: 
    • 新生: 
      • 香港中學文憑考試A類科中至少有一個科目達到5級*;或 
      • 任何其他符合大學收生獎學金計劃的類似的大學入學資格考試(如IB或GCEAL)有整體出色的結果的;
    • 在學的或任何其他認可的高等教育機構轉校學生:
      • 達到最低 3.150CGA(截至2016/17春/夏季)。 
  • 之前沒有收過本會獎學金的申請人將獲優先考慮

(2)獎項 (Awards): 

  • 就讀於香港科技大學的新的或在學的有效註冊的全日制本科生; 
  • 香港科技大學的全職工作人員科大教職員協會會員 的子女;和 

詳情和申請表格可在 下載申請者必須清楚標明附錄數量及各證明文件,並把填妥的申請表格和所有必需的證明文件在2016年11月28日(星期一)5:30分交SFAO(5016室,3號電梯5字樓)。 


如有任何查詢,請電聯:2358 5853 / 23585796,或電郵 /  


Dear Members,

HKUST Staff Association "Scholarships & Awards" 2016/17 

On top of “Scholarships", we will continue provide “Awards" to eligible candidates without referring to their academic attainments.

Eligibility is as follows:

(1) For applicants of Scholarships:

  • Be new or continuing full-time undergraduate students of active registration status at HKUST;
  • Be children of full-time faculty / staff members of HKUST who are also members of the HKUST Staff Association; and
  • Academic attainment requirements:
    • For New Students:
      • Attain Level 5* in at least one HKDSE Category A subject; OR
      • Attain an outstanding overall result in any other comparable university entry qualification examination (such as IB or GCEAL) benchmarked with the University’s prevailing recruitment scholarship schemes.
    • For Continuing or Transfer-in students from any other recognized higher education institutions: Attain a minimum CGA of 3.150 (as of Spring / Summer of 2015/16).
  • Priority shall be given to applicants who have not received the Scholarships before.

(2) For applicants of Awards

  • Be new full-time undergraduate students of active registration status admitted to HKUST in Fall 2016; and
  • Be children of full-time faculty / staff members of HKUST who are also members of the HKUST Staff Association. 
Details of the Scholarships and Awards as well as application form are available at

Applicants must mark each supporting document with appendix number clearly, and place the completed application form and all required supporting documents in the collection box at SFAO (Room 5016, Lift No. 3, Academic Bldg.) by 5:30pm, 28 November 2016 (Monday)


Please stay tuned with us in Oct 2017 for invitation of the application in the next academic year.
For enquiry, please contact tel: 2358 5853 / 2358 5796, email: or

HKUST Staff Association
November 2016