Snake Crane Wing Chun Class 蛇鶴詠春拳班

Snake Crane Wing Chun is a kind of traditional Chinese internal martial art, suitable for both man and ladies. Trainings focus on developing the techniques of defence and react using smallest amount of effort to maximize the delivery of power with the muscles relaxed.


Date:         Every Tuesday from May 01 to Aug 28, 2018 ( 4 months )

日期:         201851日開始至2018828之逄星期 (4個月)


Time:        1 2 p.m.

時間        下午1時至下午2


Venue:    LG 1027

地點:       LG 1027


Instructor: Wallace Tse

導師        謝偉雄


Language: Cantonese

語言        廣東話         


Quota名額: 20 (Priority will be given to Staff Association members and

    a draw may be made when enrollment exceeds the quota.)



Fee費用:  Member 會員 - $ 600

          Non-member 非會員 - $ 630 (including $30 administration fee for non-members.


Registration 報名

Deadline 截止日期DEC 31, 2018 | 20181231

Convener 召集人: Wallace Tse (FMO)

Tel 電話: 97783316