Wushu Nanquan Experience Class 武術「南拳」體驗班

Description: Basic Wushu techniques, five-stances fist routine, Nanquan 



Level:  Beginners

程度:         初學者


Date:  Every Wednesday from February 21st to April 25th, 2018 (except April 18th)

日期:         由2018221日開始至2018425之逄星期 (4個月)


Time:    6 p.m.to. 7 p.m.

時間        下午 6 時至下午 7


Venue 地點:    LG 1027


Instructor: Mr. Lewis LI (Accreditation Coach of the Hong Kong Coaching Committee, Registered Coach & Referee of the Hong Kong Wushu Union and the Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association)

導師        李志鴻教練 (香港教練培訓委員會認可武術教練、香港武術聯會及香港中國國術龍獅總會教練及裁判)


Medium of instruction: Cantonese (supplemented with English and Putonghua when needed)

語言        廣東話 (如有需要可輔以英語或普通話)         


Quota名額: 10 (Priority will be given to Staff Association members)



Fee 費用:  Member 會員 - $ 360

          Non-member 非會員 - $ 390 (Non-members are welcome to join Staff Association to enjoy member benefits. Annual membership fee is $30.


                                                            登記網址 Register at http://staff.ust.hk/membership_form.html

Registration 報名: All new and existing class participants please register on-line at



Deadline 截止日期 FEB 20, 2018 | 2018220


If you wish to join the class after the deadline, please feel free to contact Mr. Lewis LI for the arrangement.

Enquiry 查詢: Mr. Lewis LI 李志鴻教練 (email 電郵:lblewis@ust.hk)